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The purpose of Rare Disease Day® is to harness the creativity and energy of the millions of people around the world with rare diseases — and the millions who care about and assist them — to raise awareness and generate action. You can help us achieve this goal throughout the year by doing any or several of the following things.

Many of these activities are on-going or might inspire you to start planning for 2017!

Also, don’t forget that you can pick up your Rare Disease Day gear at the NORD store.

Support Rare Disease Day as an Individual or Partner

Become a Rare Disease Day Partner (for organizations, agencies, societies, and companies) or support Rare Disease Day as an individual. By signing up and showing your support, you can share why Rare Disease Day is important to you. You’ll also receive regular updates from NORD about what others are doing.

Press Kit and Resources

Access the Rare Disease Day US press kit and learn how to share your story with your local media. This press kit will make it easy for you to share the general theme and messages of the day, as well as how best to share your story. You can also download logos, badges and other tools to show your support of the day. More >

Suggested Activities

Rare Disease Day is for everyone, we encourage everyone to get involved! Find an activity that is right for you. More >

In-School Activities

In response to requests from parents and teachers, we are providing resources to help bring Rare Disease Day into the schools. Access the Rare Disease Day curriculum supplement for high school health and biology students, as well as other age-appropriate materials for middle and elementary school students. More >

Handprints Across America

Take a photo of yourself or have someone take a photo of you holding the Rare Disease Day logo anywhere in the United States. We will add this to our Handprints Across America Gallery. Find out how you can participate here.